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How much does it cost to advertise on Pop-Ads?

Pop-Ads allows you to decide the bidding price for your traffic, we would recommend you follow the recommended price as it gives more traffic delivered.

How long does it take for a campaign to get approved?

If we are in the working hours it will take less than one hour, but outside working hours, in weekends or in holidays it may take up to 12 hours

What is the minimum amount to deposit?

Minimum amount to deposit is $50 USD.

What are the deposit methods?
You can deposit your funds via Paypal, however if you need another option please contact us and we will find another alternative.
Which are the targeting possibilities?
You can target country, OS, browser, source (mainstream), frequency cap (unique/no capping). ID inclusions and exclusions are also available.
How much does it cost to advertise through Pop-Ads?

The price is dynamic since the bids are controlled by the market. We use a bidding system where you can choose how much to pay per visitor. You also have full control over your costs.
We've introduced a minimum cost which is currently $0.0003 per unique visitor.

Can I stop a campaign and receive remaining money back?

Yes, you can stop a campaign at any time and cash out the remaining funds in your Account Available Balance or in your campaign Remaining Budget.

What type of campaigns are not allowed?

We have strict rules over the content of campaigns submitted in Pop-Ads network.For any campaign that has content in any of the below categories, we reserve the right to block your account and issue no refunds.

  • APK/EXE automatic download without a delay of at least 10 seconds and a proper landing page
  • Malware/phishing campaigns
  • Technical support, fake support or related
  • Fake, aggressive or misleading ads (fake flash player, fake antivirus, etc.)
  • Sneaky redirects and cloaking
  • Landing pages without content or not working
  • Violent, hate (based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity)
  • Incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality and more
  • Adult Content / Porn
  • Gambling Related Campaigns


How long does it take before a domain is approved?

If we are in the working hours it will take less than 24 hours, but outside working hours, in weekends or in holidays it may take up to 48 hours.

What rates do you offer?

Rates are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like: visitor's country, your website quality and niche and even day of the week and time of the day. Our automated bidding system ensures that publishers get the maximum revenue possible.

Can I use other popunder/popup on my website?

Yes, but if you want to use another ad network together with Pop-Ads, this might cause your rate to drop. Other popunder adcodes might interfere with Pop-Ads code causing lower revenue.

Do you pay for all traffic?

Yes, we pay for worldwide traffic.

What is the minimum withdraw amount?

The minimum payment is 50 USD.

Are adult websites accepted?

No we do not accept sites that contain Porn / Adult content.

How do I get paid?

We process all payment requests via Paypal.& NETELLER If you need to be paid via Wire Transfer please contact us.

When do you process publisher's payments?

We process payments within 10th of each month.

I've just installed Pop-Ads code on my site. Why are there no popunders showing?

There can be more than one reason for this. The most common is because our ads have a frequency cap of 1/1 hour/IP and you have seen it before. In this case, you can try with another browser or incognito/private session.
The second reason for this may be because the ad code is not properly added to your website. Please check if the code is installed in the site's body (between <body> and </body>).
Third most common reason is AdBlock. Pop-Ads ad code is not designed to bypass AdBlock code and if you have it installed to your browser, then you will not be able to see the ad.
If none of these apply then please contact us.

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